NOTE: THIS LISTING IS FOR NON-CWTAA STUDENTS. If you are a student in the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association, please contact your school directly for student rates for the ITC.

In addition to admittance, price includes 1 camp shirt, a pair of uniform pants and WT shoes plus 1 set of CWTAA SAFETY EQUIPMENT (subject to availability). If you are not sure about your eligibility, please email our head office


Register befrore May 31st to receive this pricing. After May 31st, the price will go up.


Dates: Monday June 22nd - Sunday June 28th.

Students who don't participate in the weekday camp may participate in the Weekend Seminars.


Times: Full Camp (Mon. - Fri.) 2:30 - 9:15pm with 45-minute break; Half Camp (Mon. - Fri.) 6:15 - 9:15pm; Weekend (Sat. & Sun.) 10am - 2pm


Location: City Wing Tsun Athletic Association HQ, NYC, 1024 Sixth Ave 4fl, NY, NY 10018


Requirements: Students must have passed the Student Level 3 exam.


City Wing Tsun Athletic Association’s Annual Intensive Training Camp (ITC)  

The City Wing Tsun ITC is unlike any other program: it is specifically designed to help any student dramatically improve their kung fu by training all day every day for one week. The ITC’s fully-immersive program combines intensive technical instruction, heavy sparring, and integrated theory - all under the personal guidance of Sifu Alex Richter. Students train for 6 hours every day Monday through Friday, and have the chance to work with special guest instructors from around the world over the weekend. This unique way of exploring Wing Tsun lets anyone who is willing to focus and determined to improve advance rapidly through the system in just a few days. Participation is capped at 40 spots and those spots always fill up quickly! 
ITC alumni find that not only do they advance quickly over the course of the week (on average 2 student grade levels in 5 days), but that the skills they develop during the program help them absorb new material once they return to regular classes. Those who participate in the ITC overwhelmingly report a massive leap forward in their Wing Tsun skills - both because of the rapid return on the time they invest and the rare opportunity to touch hands with other WT enthusiasts from all over the world. 


Not able to take the whole week off?  

Students are encouraged to sign up and attend as much of the ITC as possible, even if that means only attending for part of the week. Students who aren’t able to attend the weekday classes at all may participate in the weekend seminars only.  

This limited event is capped at only 40 participants. The first 30 spots are reserved for members of the CWTAA and 10 spots are reserved for non-CWTAA students. This gives each student time for personal attention for Sifu Alex and his team of advanced-level instructors. 

Intensive Training Camp




    Our CWTAA HQ is located at:

    1024 6th Avenue

    4th floor 
    New York, NY 10018

    Tel. (347) 220-8611

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