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"Extremely knowledgeable and kind, Sifu Alex’s private instruction is for those students who truly wish to immerse themselves in Wing Tsun, theory, practice, and expression.  He’s a great coach for the beginner, a fantastic teacher for the serious student, and a caring mentor for the martial artist who wants something more."

Mike Y., Stuntman (Avengers: Endgame, Hunger Games, The Walking Dead)

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"The truth is what you get back with Sifu Alex Richter is absolute gold, martial arts gold.  His knowledge is unbelievably profound. Even after a week of training you will realize that this time has changed you and your skills immensely."

Sifu Christian M.
Wing Tsun Instructor

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"I wholeheartedly recommend Sifu Alex Richter's Immersion Course in Florida. Personally tailored to my level, excellent structured pedagogy and a non-prestigious approach. Last, but not least, an incredibly inspiring, fun and intense learning experience!"

Leif L.


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"The intensive private training I received in this program has had an enormously positive and substantive impact on my wing tsun quality and given me a much deeper understanding of the quality bar I should be targeting for each movement studied."

Juliette D.
VP, HR -TV & Games


How Immersion Training Works

The Benefits of the Traditional Method

Options for Immersion Training

Works Regardless of Level

The Benefits of the Modern Method

Outcome/Goal Based Training


Sifu Alex Richter

The Kung Fu Genius

Alex Richter is the founder and Chief Instructor of the City Wing Tsun Athletic Association, Headquartered in New York City.

Alex founded City Wing Tsun in 2002 from his parents basement and has turned it into one of the most prominent Wing Chun (Wing Tsun) schools in North America.  Sifu Alex has authored a number of popular books on the subject including his most recent best-seller, The Wooden Dummy.  Sifu Alex is also a columnist for Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine.

In recent years, Sifu Alex has focused on streamlining the Wing Tsun curriculum to be taught more effectively in a shorter period of time.  These new Immersion Courses are the result of his updated teaching methodologies. 


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