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For the first time ever, Sifu Alex is opening his Online Theory Class to the public. Before now, Sifu Alex Richter's Theory Seminars were only available to members of the CWTAA! Each class is 90 minutes long, on a unique topic. Anyone attending the Live Sessions will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion! Subscribe to the series to gain access to any of the Live classes as well as receive all the recorded sessions. Or, you can purchase attendance to an individual live session or access to an individual recorded session below.

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Online Theory Class #7

Long Pole Speciall!

Theory and Q&A - January 2nd, 2021
•    Luk Dim Boon Gwan Origins
•    The YouTube video that made me think twice
•    Is Luk Dim Boon Gwan "pure Wing Tsun"?
•    Difference between LDBG & Shaolin Pole
•    How to tell if someone is a "pole hack"
•    Why should we still train the weapons?
Also: Debunking the "weapons applications" in fist-fighting vs. whether WT is a weapons style modified for unarmed or vice versa. 

Other Topics:
•    Chum Kiu "feet together step" - why?
•    Height of the Wooden Dummy
•    Animal styles & WT
Approx. 96 minutes

Online Theory Class #6

Bruce Lee 80th Birthday Speciall!

Theory and Q&A - December 5th, 2020
•    How good was Bruce Lee's Chi Sau?
•    Ask better questions!
•    Avoiding hindsight bias
•    The Backfist revisited
•    Simple vs. Simplistic
•    How long did Bruce Lee learn WC?
•    Bruce Lee performing Poon Sau
•    Lack of close-up mobility
•    Secret Bruce Lee footage?

Training and Working Out
•    General workout advice
•    Full body vs. Bro Splits
•    Follow Coach Greg Doucette on YouTube!
•    Adding novelty to training
•    Adding Bruce Lee stuff to training
•    The problem of calisthenics

Other Topics:
•    Bareknuckle boxing
•    Old style vs. new style guards
•    Brief analysis of Tyson vs. Jones
•    Is Ip Man the new Wong Fei Hung?
•    Upcoming book projects
•    Dummy sections 1&2?
•    Phases of martial arts development
Approx. 87 minutes

Online Theory Class #5

Wooden Dummy Special!

Theory and Q&A - Nov. 7th 2020
• Clacking Away on the Dummy?
• Hand Chasing?
• Zen Saying “The Real Face is Faceless”
• Speed Dummy – Cringe!
• Free Standing Dummies? Octopus Dummies?
• Spring Frame vs. Slat Frame Dummies

Other Topics:
• Mindset Tips
• Heavybag Training
• Sparring Training
• Wrong Bong?
• Footwork and Other Kung Fu

Approx. time 88 minutes

Online Theory Class #4

Yip Man Knife Techniques
Theory and Q&A - Oct. 3rd, 2020.
Recorded live over Zoom with participants from around the world. 

Sifu Alex Richter is now conducting monthly live theory Q&A classes over Zoom.  This video is a recording of the thired class.  To participate in the next live class, please visit to reserve a spot.  In this nearly 90-minute class Sifu Alex Richter covered the following topics:

  • Why footwork was traditionally a "secret"

  • The 1950s vs. 1970s knife form

  • Who created the knife form?

  • Phase 1 & 2 development

  • Dealing with pressing attackers

  • Gwan or Kwan Sau?

  • And more!

Approx. 80 minutes

Online Theory Class #3

All About Wing Tsun Kicks

Theory and Q&A - Sep. 5th, 2020

  • Characteristics of Wing Tsun Kicks

  • Rear leg "oblique kick"

  • Weight distribution in the stance

  • Futility of blocking at close range

  • Old school leg-pulling drill

  • Kick Training Tips

  • Zig zag step?

  • Dragon coming out of the lake punch?

  • And more!

Approx. 75 minutes

Online Theory Class #2

This video is a recording of the second class in Sifu Alex's Theory Class Series recorded on August 1st, 2020. In this 90-minute class Sifu Alex Richter covered the following topics:


  • Swimmer's Body Fallacy & Labels in WT

  • The FEMALE FOUNDERS of Wing Tsun

  • TIMING One Problems

  • Cross Step & Kick in the DUMMY - Why?

  • The RATTAN RING in WT - How useless is it?

  • Elbow NOT MOVING Clarification

  • The PAAK SAU with Knee Stamping KICK

  • ADDING the Right SLANT Kick to CK?

  • How to ADD NOVELTY to Things We Do Everyday

  • Adding FIGHT Context to FORMS: A Big Problem

  • And more!

Online Theory Class #1

This video is a recording of the first class in Sifu Alex's Theory Class Series recorded on July 11th, 2020. In this 90-minute class Sifu Alex Richter covered the following topics:


  • The differences between PRINCIPLES and CONCEPTS in Wing Tsun

  • What TECHNIQUES mean in a principle-based martial art

  • How are the European and Chinese FORMULATIONS of the PRINCIPLES different?

  • KICKING and FOOTWORK in Hong Kong Wing Tsun

  • 3 MAIN REASONS for the rear-weighted Wing Tsun stance

  • What is “YAP MA BOU FAAT”?

  • What to pay attention to when hitting the WALL-BAG

  • Elbow Moving/Not Moving MOTTO confusion explained


  • GWO SAU and LAT SAU - what are they?

  • Chi Sau “SECTIONS” in Hong Kong

  • Wing Tsun IN THE RING?  Streetboxing?

  • Big Wheeling Arms in BIU TZE

  • And more!



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