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For the first time ever, Sifu Alex is opening his Online Theory Class to the public. Before now, Sifu Alex Richter's Theory Seminars were only available to members of the CWTAA! Each class is 90 minutes long, on a unique topic. Anyone attending the Live Sessions will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion! Subscribe to the series to gain access to any of the Live classes as well as receive all the recorded sessions.
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Online Theory Class #10

Live Theory Class #10 with Sifu Alex Richter
Approx. 90 minutes; Recording
Date: April 10th, 2021
Recorded live over Zoom with participants from around the world.

Sifu Alex Richter is now conducting monthly live theory Q&A classes over Zoom.  This video is a recording of the second class.  To participate in the next live class, please visit to reserve a spot.  In this nearly 90-minute class Sifu Alex Richter covered the following topics:

-Dai Bong Sau in Chum Kiu
-Common injuries in Wing Tsun
-Daai Che Leun Sau Details
-The Baai Si Ceremony
-Yo-Yo Style Chi Sau
-Man Sau from Wooden Dummy
-Set 8 Dummy Kicks
-Back Moving Knife Steps
-Size & Weight of WT Weapons
-Body Mechanics of Kicks
-Daap Bou Stepping Bong Sau
-Chi Geuk Development
-Strength Training Program
-Eight Attacks from Poon Sau

Online Theory Class #9

In this monthly theory and Q&A class from March 2021, Sifu Alex Richter discusses the fundamental mottoes (sam faat, theories) of the Wing Tsun system.  In one hour and fifteen minutes, Sifu Alex also discusses the following:

-Loi Lau Heui Sung, Lat Sau Jik Chung
-Heavy Bag Training Protocols
-Controlled Force
-Jeui Ying Bat Jeui Sau
-Lin Siu Dai Da
-His time training at Langenzell Castle
-Yip Man photos and the negatives
-Borrowing force in sparring
-Prioritizing training protocols
-Pelvis rotation misconceptions
-Using elbows to stop punches
-Heavy Bag vs. the Wall Bag
-Stories and hearsays of Yip Man
-Motivation vs. Discipline

Approx. 75 minutes.