The 15 Chi Sau Fundamentals is more than a book on the basics of double-arm Chi Sau - it’s a commentary on “clinging arms” training itself.  This book is ideal for all students, from those beginning to learn Wing Tsun’s iconic Chi Sau skills to those have already learned it and want to gain a deeper understanding. Instructors will also benefit greatly from the insights and program structure explained in detail here.

This book is broken into three units detailing the technical basics of Chi Sau in a way no other book on Wing Tsun (WT) has done before. Beyond the technical program, this book also dives into the theories and concepts necessary to understand the purpose of Chi Sau training. The 15 Chi Sau Fundamentals will be an indispensible part of your collection!


About the author: Sifu Alex Richter, the “Kung Fu Genius”, is the founder of the world-renown City Wing Tsun in NYC.  He is a columnist for Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine as well as host of the Kung Fu Genius Podcast and co-host of the cult favorite Dudes of Kung Fu.

15 Chi Sau Fundamentals