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Live Theory Class #1 with Sifu Alex Richter

Approx. 90 minutes

Recording Date: July 11th, 2020

Recorded live over Zoom with participants from around the world. 

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Sifu Alex Richter is now conducting monthly live theory Q&A classes over Zoom.  This video is a recording of the first class.  To participate in the next live class, please visit www.citywt.com to reserve a spot.  In this nearly 90-minute class Sifu Alex Richter covered the following topics:


  • The differences between PRINCIPLES and CONCEPTS in Wing Tsun

  • What TECHNIQUES mean in a principle-based martial art

  • How are the European and Chinese FORMULATIONS of the PRINCIPLES different?

  • KICKING and FOOTWORK in Hong Kong Wing Tsun

  • 3 MAIN REASONS for the rear-weighted Wing Tsun stance

  • What is “YAP MA BOU FAAT”?

  • What to pay attention to when hitting the WALL-BAG

  • Elbow Moving/Not Moving MOTTO confusion explained


  • GWO SAU and LAT SAU - what are they?

  • Chi Sau “SECTIONS” in Hong Kong

  • Wing Tsun IN THE RING?  Streetboxing?

  • Big Wheeling Arms in BIU TZE

  • And more!

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